Hot Water Systems

Need same day hot water systems in Perth for service, replacement or repair?


We are here to ensure that you are never without hot water!  A failed hot water system can be distressing.  This we fully understand and it is our commitment to ensure that your hot water woes are taken care of  without too much of a disruption for you.

HOT WATER GUY® and All 4 Plumbing Works undertake to repair and replace most brands of electric and gas hot water systems (storage and instantaneous) on the same day. We repair and maintain solar hot water systems too.

Our qualified tradesmen will carry out a thorough assessment of your unit and will always endeavour to repair your hot water system economically rather than simply recommending a new unit as we understand that not everyone is ready for the expense.

Where a repair is not possible and a new unit is required, the tradesman will discuss your needs and will recommend a product to specifically suit.  In most cases we can have the new unit installed the same day.  We supply and install leading brands, all of which carry the manufacturer’s warranty.

All hot water systems are professionally installed to legal standard and the costs include the submission of relevant documentation to the plumbing and gas authorities as required.  This ensures that you will not void the Manufacturer’s warranty.

Don’t risk voiding your warranty.  Regularly service your Hot Water Unit.  Servicing can prolong the life of your hot water unit and keep it working efficiently.  The HOT WATER GUY® and All 4 Plumbing Works can arrange the servicing of your unit, so get us to attend to this for you.

Gas Storage

Cold water flows into the water heater when a hot water tap is opened inside your home. The water flow is detected by a sensor that ignites the gas burner, to heat the water in the heat exchanger. … An electronic control unit modulates the gas burner to maintain a set water temperature.


Instantaneous / Gas Continuous Flow

Instantaneous gas hot water systems, also known as continuous flow, don’t have storage tanks and heat water only when required. Water is heated by a gas burner as it flows through a coiled pipe called a heat exchanger. … This means that instantaneous units supply hot water at a lower pressure than storage systems.

Electric Storage

An Electric Storage Water Heater (ESWH) consists of an insulated storage tank, usually cylindrical, where hot water is kept ready to be used. The water is stored at a pre-set temperature typically 60-80°C. The water is heated in the storage tank by one or more electric resistance elements.

 Electric Continuous Flow

Electric continuous flow systems are small in size and usually situated indoors. For hot water on demand choose a continuous flow hot water system. Continuous flow or instantaneous hot water systems heat only as much water as you need, when you need it.

For professional advice including the repair, replacement, conversion or installation of a hot water unit, contact us today.  Our tradesmen are on hand to discuss your hot water needs!

The HOT WATER GUY® and All 4 Plumbing Works can assist with all your hot water requirements.