Service Areas

HOT WATER GUY® and All 4 Plumbing Works operate in Perth and all suburbs North of the river including new suburbs. View all the suburbs we service.


No callout fees during normal Hours! No Hidden costs!

We charge by the job and not the hour. We charge an inspection fee that is refundable if the go ahead is given for the job at the time of visit. All Drainage and leak detection is charged as per price given at inspection.

Please note that ‘no call out fee’ means that unlike some companies, we do not charge you to arrive at your door during normal hours, but we do charge a minimum fee for any inspection service, advise or proprietary knowledge that assists you in alleviating your problem.

We do charge a call out fee of $90 after hours and on weekends and public holidays.

Inspection fee $90 inclusive of GST – Refundable if the job is accepted.

On arrival our professional plumber or gas-fitter will:

  • Assess your job and provide you with details of the problem
  • Give you an estimate of time required and cost involved
  • Complete the work at the price quoted from the inspection


plumbing van at site

Be observant

  • Do you smell gas?
  • Do you hear water running?
  • Do you notice damp patches on the ground when it should be dry?
  • Do you have an unusually high water or gas bill?
  • If you suspect a gas leak, turn off all appliances and contact HOT WATER GUY® on 0403350477.
  • If you suspect a water leak, turn off all taps and water supply at the mains. Take a reading at the water meter. Wait 30 minutes and take a further reading. If the reading has changed, then you have a water leak.


  • that there are no leaking/dripping taps.
  • that there is no constant flow of water into the toilet bowl or into the cistern
  • that you do not flush foreign objects down the toilet
  • gutters are clear of leaves and debris.
  • all appliances/water supply should be fitted with a shut off valve which should be easily accessible in the case of an emergency
  • flexi hoses should not be kinked, restricted or bent
  • food scraps, oils etc should not be washed down the drain
  • that you regularly clean and remove hair and other foreign objects around drain outlets
  • that you regularly check reticulation and sprinklers for correct operation
  • turn reticulation off during the winter

Hot Water System

Don’t void the Manufacturer’s warranty. Ensure that you service your hot water system regularly. This includes replacing the relevant valves and sacrificial anode/s.