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Plumbing Maintenance

Most of the time, your plumbing will not need maintenance often. But occasionally, things do occur. Toilets don’t flush, drains get blocked, or there might even be signs of a water leak.

What ever the case may be, the Hot Water Guy in Perth offers plumbing maintenance services.

Everything from leak detection to blocked drain repair. 

Our goal is to ensure your plumbing is in tip-top shape as a result of our professional and courteous service.

Plumbing Installation

We don’t just do maintenance and repairs, we also offer plumbing installation services.

Kitchen installations
We can install kitchen sinks, water filters, dish washers, water supplies to fridges.

Bathroom installations
In bathrooms we do installations for showers, baths and basins.

Laundry installations
We can install laundry taps and laundry troughs

Toilet installations
We can install newer toilets with better water efficiency.

Reticulation installations
Need reticulation? we can install garden reticulation in accordance with council restrictions. We also can install garden taps

Bathroom installations

We do installation and repair all ranges of showers, baths and basins.

Kitchen Installations

We do a range of kitchen installations, including Installation of new cooktops and gas appliances, installation of kitchen sinks, water filters, dish washers and water supply to fridges. We also do installation and repair to taps.

Leaking Toilet

Need toilet repairs? We fix broken toilets, we can also replace or repair cisterns and clear blocked toilets.

We also can install water efficient toilets.

Blocked Toilet

Modern toilets do an amazing job in dispatching waste. Blocked toilets however are a common thing with our customers in Perth. While a plunger might solve the problem, sometimes you need a plumber to help fix your blocked toilet.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

Is your toilet having trouble flushing properly? Is the cistern giving you grief? Or maybe there’s a toilet leak and you just can’t find it? In any case, whether it’s a repair or replacement, give us a call.

Leaking Taps

A leaking tap in your home or place of business can lead to litres of water wasted. So you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Call us today so we can take care of your leaking taps.

Leaking shower

Have a leaking shower? Contact Hot Water Guy in Perth so we can inspect, and repair your leak promptly.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can lead to some serious property damage and create a safety hazard both in the home and at commercial businesses. Damage can include flooding to flooring, walls, ceilings or even the landscaping outside. Don’t delay, contact us right away.

Wet Walls

If there’s moisture or mould build up on the walls it might be a sign that there is a serious issue with the underlying plumbing. Contact Hot Water Guy in Perth right away so we can investigate and fix the plumbing issue.

Washing Machine Installation

Have you just purchased a brand new washing machine and need it installed? Call us, your Perth plumber and we can get it installed promptly and professionally.

Dishwasher Installation

Need a dishwasher installed in Perth professionally? We can ensure it’s installed correctly and safely.

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